Xternity Wallets ๐Ÿ‘›

Checkout Wallets API you can manage you can generate new wallet for a player in 2 main methods:

  1. Cloud Wallet - The player does not have direct access to its keys. The wallet is powered by Fireblocks vault account, following a Direct Custody approach. This allows the player to quickly onboard and use the wallet as a temporary custody solution until they generate their own wallet and transfer their assets (with the option to opt out for free).
  2. Initiate the generation of a client wallet upon player login to Xternity's Zon3, which serves as the player's web app. Alternatively, if you have enabled Login With Xternity on your website, this secure method ensures that the player becomes the rightful owner of their keys (enabling exporting of private keys to MetaMask, for example). This approach strikes a balance between key ownership, simplicity of operation, and participation in challenges and drops.